FoodSAFE PUL; Food Grade ProSoft PUL

Designed to provide premium protection

Can be used with all kinds of food and Non-alcoholic beverages – Baked goods, dairy products, fats, oils, dry food, water, food, curries, vegetables, sandwiches, sauces, pasta etc. and at all ranges of temperature The food can be placed hot or cold, and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Both sides of the fabric are tested to be food safe for all types of food and beverages and under extreme conditions of temperature.

Tested for premium food safety

Our Food Safe fabrics feature a range of fabrics that are certified safe to handle, package and store food items. All our Certified Food Safe fabrics have been tested and passed US FDA Requirements for Food safety by an independent laboratory for safe use with food items.


Meets stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability.

Durability that lasts

Our top-selling food safe fabric in the world is very durable & tested to withstand 300+ washings.

Safe for your family

The ONLY PUL to be tested for food safety - manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes in the USA.

Creates a safe, waterproof barrier that is easy to clean

FoodSAFE PUL can be used for:

Bowl covers
Burp Cloths
Grocery Bags
Ice packs
Jacket liners
Lunch Box Liners
Reusable bags
Sandwich Wraps
Snack Bags
Tote Bags
Wet bags
Zip Pouches
and more!

Available 2-layer styles

FoodSAFE Recycled PUL

A proprietary blend of recycled polyester and polyurethane.

FoodSAFE 1 mil PUL

Available in 35+ colors and 15+ prints.

FoodSAFE 2 mil PUL

Made with heavy-duty food-grade film for added durability.

FoodSAFE 5 mil PUL

Our strongest, most durable food safe PUL fabric.

FoodSAFE Bamboo PUL

The super softness of bamboo and the durability of PUL.

FoodSAFE Cotton PUL

The only Cotton PULs tested for food safety.

FoodSAFE Stretch-FIT PUL

Waterproof, stretchy, and FoodSAFE for endless uses.

FoodSAFE Printed PUL

15+ prints from holiday to space designs.

Available 3-layer styles


A hidden waterproof layer bonded between two fabrics.

Sustainable, reusable, & affordable

Our company is dedicated to giving back to our earth by providing sustainable fabrics that help people & communities create.

Food Grade
Made in the USA
PFAS free
PFOA free
BPA free
Nanoparticle free
Child safe
Pet safe
CPSIA compliant

Waterproof fabric that stands out

Versatile, durable, & incredibly soft.