Leading Edge Technology

Advanced technology for superior waterproof performance

Tested to withstand 300+ washings while staying soft, breathable, and flexible. The number one choice is reusable food applications, medical clothing, snack bags, soaker pads, cloth diapers, wet bags, diaper bags, travel bags, shower curtains, outerwear, mattress covers, incontinence products & other waterproof products.

Premium moisture barrier

We melt-bond specially-treated TPU film to our fabrics for a highly-durable protective waterproof layer.

Ready to use without pre-washing

Because there are no harmful chemicals used in our fabrics, you don't need to pre-wash before you start your project.

Sustainable manufacturing

Our products are made in the USA in highly-controlled textile mills that use eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Energy-efficient bonding processes, free from harmful solvents

In 2010 we developed a breakthrough technology that allowed the waterproofing to be added to the fabric using a combination of heat and cold treatments to create a durable melt-bond without the use of any solvents.

The old way of attaching fabric and waterproof film is called solvent lamination. This method involves using harmful solvents like MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) and trichloroethylene to bond the fabric and film together. The process produced VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are extremely harmful for the environment and to the working people.

Our manufacturing division developed a way to thermally laminate our fabrics to make them waterproof without the use of harmful chemicals. This transformed the fabric world by creating waterproof fabrics that do not involve toxic chemical solvents or VOCs. Instead, our fabrics are thermally bonded using heat and pressure. We take fabrics and TPU and use a mix of heat, pressure & cooling to create our ProSoft PUL fabrics. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that our fabrics are safe against the skin and gentle on our planet.

Superior softness and pliability

Our thermally bonded fabrics are softer and more pliable than fabrics bonded through solvent lamination.

Our ProSoft PUL fabrics come in a variety of thicknesses—this is common for many waterproof fabrics, but the difference is that when ProSoft PUL is thicker, it’s the film that is thicker; it’s not because of the bonding chemicals or adhesive. The heavier ProSoft fabrics use a heavier waterproof film that is useful for heavy duty applications.

There are several heavy PULs in the market that use more adhesive in the process which results in a heavier fabric using the same 1 mil PU film. This results in a fabric that includes more toxins and is more harmful to the environment when disposed of, and it also doesn’t make the fabric more waterproof in the same ways that an actual thicker waterproof film does.

Inspiring Innovation

Designed to reduce cost and improve performance of waterproof reusable articles.

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No harmful

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5-star reputation

See what customers are saying about our #1 waterproof fabric!
"Making snack bags for my kids and the PUL is ideal! Love it."
"Easy to work with and I can't wait to buy more!"
"I did not know this kind of fabric existed! It was perfect for the inside of a dopp kit I was making."
"Exact color I needed. PUL quality is excellent, prices are fair, and shipping is fast. Thank you."
"I love how easy it is to work with!!! Such a great product!"
"I love PUL! It comes in so many pretty colors and gives a boost to cloth diapering. I would make diapers, reusable sandwich bags and bibs!"
"It is not too thick nor too thin. Quite stretchy. Soft on one side and a shiny almost patent leather look on the other side. Easy to cut and doesn't fray."
"I use this fabric in so many of my projects. The colors are vibrant and rich and the fabric is very durable - which is impressive, considering it's not very thick."

Waterproof fabric that stands out

Versatile, durable, & incredibly soft.