ECO-PUL; Waterproof Grade ProSoft PUL

Safe, long-lasting, & environmentally friendly!

So safe you can literally eat off it, ProSoft ECO-PUL is very versatile and long-lasting with a life cycle of 300+ washings. Manufactured in modern, quality-controlled, American textile facilities, it is 100% CPSIA certified, 100% eco-friendly and Food Safe tested.

We start with a safe polyurethane film and permanently bond it to our top-selling fabrics using a unique thermal process without toxic solvents. The process does not emit any toxic wastes or VOCs that are harmful to the environment. Available in 50+ colors and prints!

Waterproof fabric that outlasts the others

Incredibly versatile, our waterproof PUL fabrics are designed with a long life cycle in mind. They are 100% eco-friendly, food-safe tested, and come in over 50 colors and prints!

Specially-treated waterproofing layer

Our unique process permanently melt-bonds our specially-treated TPU film to the fabric without toxic solvents.

Breathable, flexible, and incredibly soft

We use a proprietary blend of materials specifically engineered for high performance and comfort, leaving our fabrics super soft.

Safe to use for you & the environment

100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals, BPA, and phthalates. CPSIA-certified for lead, phthalates, and flammability.

ProSoft ECO-PUL can be used for:

Bathing Suits
Bowl covers
Cage liners
Changing Pads
Ice packs
Jacket liners
Menstrual pads
Reusable bags
Snow Pants
Sofa Covers
Wet bags
Zip Pouches
and more!

Available 2-layer styles

Recycled ECO-PUL

Made with recycled bottles.

1 mil ECO-PUL

The standard ECO-PUL fabric.

2 mil ECO-PUL

Perfect for heavy-duty applications.

5 mil ECO-PUL

For ultra heavy-duty applications.

Antimicrobial ECO-PUL

Designed and made with silver protection.

Bamboo ECO-PUL

Soft and silky with bamboo fibers.

Cotton ECO-PUL

Safe and 100% organic cotton design.


Made with unique 4-way stretch fabric.


Built to last with durability and stretch.

Lightweight ECO-PUL

Thin and extra breathable design.

Available 3-layer styles


Premium quality & soft waterproof protection.


Standard waterproof layer between fabrics.


2 outer layers of ProTEC fleece around 1-mil TPU film.


Antimicrobial protection along with a moisture barrier.


Superior absorbency and hidden waterproofing.

Sustainable, reusable, & affordable

Our company is dedicated to giving back to our earth by providing sustainable fabrics that help people & communities create.

Made in the USA
PFAS free
PFOA free
BPA free
Nanoparticle free
Child safe
Pet safe
CPSIA compliant

Waterproof fabric that stands out

Versatile, durable, & incredibly soft.